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  • Membership Team

  • The Membership Committee meets monthly to discuss opportunities, where they network and speak to businesses in the communities we serve, about the numerous services the Chamber of Commerce provides member businesses and the business community at large. This is made possible by providing several programs monthly to introduce members to these benefits.  The Committee discusses these opportunities, which may come from peer to peer programs or sponsored events.  The committee recommends a plan of action to the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, which is conveyed to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for action. 

    Committee members should be engaged and interested in growing Chamber membership and are passionate about participating in the process and advocating for stronger Chamber of Commerce, which enables the enterprise to provide and advocate to a greater extent for its membership and the business community.

    Committee members may be asked to volunteer their time to assist in setting up events, marketing events, and procuring sponsorship for events. Also, attending functions sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce such seminars, luncheons, coffees and breakfasts where the speaker or program may be provided by the committee to show your support for growing Chamber membership and its benefits. You may be also asked to call in person or communicate with business owners and other interested individuals via telephone or email to show your support for the Chamber of Commerce. From time to time, you may be asked to assist in procuring sponsors and participating in fundraising to support the committee’s efforts. 

    Membership Committee Highlights

    • Motivating members to get involved to make their Chamber membership work to its fullest capacity.
    • Visiting and meeting with new and old members to find out their needs.
    • Mentoring new members and getting them engaged through networking and participation. 
    • Making sure members are aware of all the benefits and opportunities available to them. 
    • Encourage new members to participate and take advantage of the Member to Member benefits program.
    • Participating and coordinating Ribbon Cuttings