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  • 1-24-17 Update From Steve Paterson, President & CEO of the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce:

    It is my privilege to provide an update on our efforts so far with the League City Comprehensive Taskforce to date. We just concluded our fifth meeting. The League City Regional Chamber Comprehensive Plan Taskforce is holding meetings with developers, site selectors, officials, contractors and developers to determine the best way to move forward in order to attract developers, retailers, corporate headquarters, and tech companies to our great community. 

    The taskforce is working on three developmental plans to make sure we are making progress on being identified as a city to do business with now and in the future. 

    These areas are one, developing tools to make the city more efficient in the planning and development process, Two, implementing an overall zoning and ordinance plan to make sure commercial property is being developed proactively and at the highest value, Three, meeting economic development objectives to increase our business tax base. 

    This public / private partnership with the assistance of City Staff objectives are to have a recommendation for the City Council to review within six to eight months. 

    The taskforce is composed of League City business owners and operators as well as city staff and officials. 

    We have met with Lee and Associates one of Houston’s largest site selection and brokerage companies as well as Brewer Construction one of the prominent developers of research facilities in the world and Wycoff Construction to discuss their experiences in working in League City. Quite frankly the good the bad and the ugly, so we can better understand the process to make recommendations to the city council on what we need to do to move forward in the future. We will be inviting other cities who have faced similar issues in the past and how they went about correcting those as well as gaining input from City staff and their viewpoint. We will continue to meet with interested parties who would be willing to add to our understanding and make recommendations based on best practices as we move forward. 

    Our co-chairs are Tom Linklater who is representing the chamber of commerce and is our economic development committee chair for 2017 and Paul Menzies from the City, who is Director of Planning. We meet every other Friday. The meetings are open to the public and posted on the Chamber and City websites. We look forward to updating you on our progress as we move forward. I would like to thank publicly the volunteers on the task force for being so generous of their time, interest and contributions to the process. The Chamber Board and staff would also like to thank you, the City Council for this time this evening and your support.