• League City At A Glance

  • ► League City is primarily a “bedroom” or residential community, home to approximately 98,000 residents (2015).

    ► Located between Houston and Galveston, League City is the fastest growing city in region; accounting for over 90% of growth in Galveston County in past decade.

    ► Recreational lifestyle, outstanding quality of life, beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, abundance of parks and amenities, historic homes, museums, and waterfront.

             –  206 Residential Communities

    • –  30 Schools

    • –  14 City Parks & Recreation Areas

    ► Ranked one of the highest “livability scores” in region; scored 85% across U.S. (areavibes.com) considering: cost of living, housing, amenities, education, employment, crime and weather.

    ► Average household income $99,444, approximately 42% and 57% higher than Galveston and Harris Counties’ average.

    Does Being a “Bedroom” or Primarily “Residential Community” Hurt League City Homeowners?

    YES! Because residential homeowners in League City pay nearly 82% of the taxes for our city that is a significant imbalance compared to neighboring cities with average residential taxes at XX%.

    ► League City commercial taxes are 18.1% and industrial taxes are .10%; residents are burdened with the imbalance because we do not have the commercial business base to share the load. 

  • What Can League City do to BALANCE the “Stool” and Reduce the Tax Burden for Homeowners?   

    ► THE PRIMARY WAY to balance the load is to increase city revenue - League City needs commercial and industrial revenue.

    ► Revenue from strategic economic development in our city will help reduce homeowner taxes and balance the tax burdens.

    ► Economic development is the differentiator!

    ► Cities across our region, state and country compete to recruit businesses. It is the way business is done, IT IS REALITY... whether we like it, or not!

    ► The most competitive city with the best incentives, wins the development and the resulting economic revenue! Why shouldn’t League City be the winner?

    ► League City is at a competitive disadvantage with other cities when vying for development opportunities because we do not have dedicated economic development resources MONEY!