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  • RECAP: League City Regional Chamber hosts post-election State of the Legislature luncheon

    RECAP: League City Regional Chamber hosts post-election State of the Legislature luncheon

    Your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce held its annual State of the Legislature luncheon on Nov. 4 at Grace Houston Church.


    The event brought together three of League City’s most prominent political leaders: Senator Larry Taylor, Congressman Randy Weber and District 23 Texas House of Representative Mayes Middleton. 


    The three each spoke on issues concerning the latest legislative affairs from their own different perspectives. 


    Randy Weber spoke first, declaring that League City is going to be the largest city in the congressional district. Weber spoke proudly of both the city and nation’s economy, declaring that it is “rock ‘n rollin.” 


    With the event being the day after Election Day, Weber did not shy away from bringing up election related issues, saying there needs to be a tighter system for voting, predicting there will be a legal battle over the election results. Weber declared President Trump to be a fighter, saying the President of the United States will very likely fight the results, leading to applause from those in attendance. 


    Larry Taylor then took to the stage, offering reassurance about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic saying that the region and country as a whole will get through COVID-19 by following safety practices. 


    Mayes Middleton followed up by addressing the absence of Dr. Greg Bonnen, who was also set to speak but had to travel to Austin as a result of the election. Middleton then continued on the topic of COVID-19 by criticizing the the restrictions and shut downs that were put on businesses to stay safe. Middleton said the restrictions put on businesses as a result of the pandemic will only hurt the economy.


    “We need to have some limits,” Middleton declared. “The shut downs cannot last and that businesses must go on.” 


    All three speakers received applause for their speeches and those in attendance enjoyed meals from the event’s food sponsors Nothing Bundt Cakes and Stone Cold Meats. 

    CEO and President Dewan Clayborn expressed happiness at the speakers being able to speak the day after winning their election campaigns.


    “We are so excited that all our leaders won,” Clayborn said. “We were happy to have them give updates on their legislature issues and giving us insight into the future. I think it went fantastic.”


    Don’t miss further chamber events coming up!

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