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  • MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Buy a mask today, save a life tomorrow

    MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Buy a mask today, save a life tomorrow

    Dear Chamber family,


    It has been a tough seven months as we have all found ourselves drawn into the battle against COVID-19. Despite the time that has passed, and our fantastic businesses reopening, this is not the time to let our guard (and masks) down. 


    We must ensure we are safely interacting and taking the necessary measures to prevent COVID-19’s growth. 


    It is sad to say, but our spectacular town of League City has had the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Galveston County. But I am proud to say the number of daily diagnoses have lessened and the numbers are steadily decreasing


    With this in mind, we cannot risk a dreaded second wave returning due to thinking the pandemic is over. 


    Your League City Regional Chamber is one of many organizations fighting to combat COVID-19 and it is only logical that your chamber advocates one of the most effective weapons against COVID-19: wearing a mask. 


    It has been proven that wearing a mask reduces one’s risk of contracting COVID-19. In a time in which businesses have reopened and in person interaction is becoming the norm again, it is imperative one wears a mask in such situations to reduce contracting this awful virus. 


    And your chamber is here to aid in your mask supply. 


    Your chamber is selling its own customized masks to help you in this global fight against COVID-19. For $20 you can get two masks with the logo of your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce. If one is enough for you, that works as well for $15. 


    The numbers are going down thanks to the efforts of this fantastic city. COVID-19 is retreating but we must safeguard this potential victory. 


    Purchase your mask today. Protect your city tomorrow. These numbers are going down because of our efforts as a united community against this global threat, proving once more that we are stronger together.

    Visit our fundraiser webpage to buy your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce mask!

    PHOTO: Shows a picture of the black League City Regional Chamber of Commerce masks being sold by the chamber. Photo by Mary Bradshaw.

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