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  • MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Addressing anti-Asian racism and next level chamber deals

    MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Addressing anti-Asian racism and next level chamber deals

    Dear Chamber Family,


    The start of April sees the start of so many phenomenal events and affairs that are going to only further transform both your League City Regional Chamber and our region as a whole.


    I am proud to announce that your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Google for a series of events and deals that will take our businesses and your chamber to the next level. 


    The first of the many great things to come out of this partnership is a three part series on job readiness. Your chamber and Google are collaborating with the goal to combat unemployment. Like our previous Job Readiness series, this series will be one that will ensure those in our community are able to be ready for any job interview and further bring unemployment numbers down in our region.


    Additionally, I want to take this time to address what is going on in our world on the national and global level. 


    As many know, anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise since the onset of COVID-19 and attacks are still continuing to happen. 


    Your chamber and I live by the idea that we are Stronger Together and for these attacks to be happening is in direct conflict with the values and ideals of the chamber and myself. 


    One of the worst things we can do during harsh times such as a pandemic is place blame on innocent individuals and groups and for such attacks to happen in general is an absolute travesty. Your League City Regional Chamber wholeheartedly condemns these attacks and ask that we not bring hate into our hearts unless it is hate of racism, bigotry and discrimination that still haunts some people’s souls. 


    The time is now for us to love one another, show kindness towards each other, and follow the teachings taught across the world that we love our neighbor and treat others the way we wish to be treated.


    If we want the kind of success and prosperity we all hope for, we must live by the eternal truth that we are all Stronger Together. 


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