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  • League City Regional Chamber of Commerce launches Response Recovery Resilience Initiative to aid League City community

    League City Regional Chamber of Commerce launches Response Recovery Resilience Initiative to aid League City community

    Three words.

    28 events.

    One initiative and mission.


    It goes without saying that business has been one of the most affected realms caught in the line of fire by the COVID-19 pandemic.


    But like so many across the world, the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce is not just bowing down in the battle against COVID-19. 


    The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce has made combating COVID-19’s devastation on small business one of its greatest priorities. 


    How? Response, Recovery and Resilience.


    This fall is seeing the launch of The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Response Recovery Resilience Initiative, an initiative designed to lift the League City community and its surrounding region from the impact of COVID-19. 


    “League City Regional Chamber wants to focus on building a resilient economy,” President and CEO Dewan Clayborn says. “The core elements of this resilience include helping nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses prepare for the next pandemic and environmental disaster.” 


    This initiative has been in action since September, and is a result of a grant the chamber received in early September.


    Using this money, the chamber has unleashed a series of events, webinars, seminars and sessions designed to help both business owners, entrepreneurs and the community as a whole with healing from the devastation of COVID-19 on the economy.


    As Clayborn says, the purpose of the initiative is to continue supporting one another while looking over the horizon to the post-COVID-19 world.


    “We need to start planning how our economy and small businesses can emerge stronger together,” Clayborn said. “The end goal for the League City Regional Chamber is to create mental health stability for citizens, a network for business leaders and inclusive shop local campaigns to help jumpstart a more resilient economy.”


    This initiative consists of more than 20 events, encompassing in-person events and webinars about an array of topics, including business, mental health and other topics meant to make one prepared to succeed in the business world amidst the pandemic.


    Each event is meant to emphasize the three words that encompass the philosophy and name of the initiative: response, recovery and resilience. Clayborn gave insight into the meaning behind each word.


    “Response is our joint abrupt actions taken to flatten the curve of Covid-19 as well as the precise provisions and agendas put in place for citizens and organizations,” Clayborn said. “Recovery includes support in our efforts to reform policies and regulatory changes that can alter League City's development trajectory in a positive manner. Resiliency is being better equipped to deal with the next major disruptive challenge, individually and collectively.”


    Clayborn especially notes the importance of having resilience during these times. 


    “Global pandemics and natural disasters are true examples of how life circumstances change quickly,” Clayborn says. “Therefore resiliency, flexibility and adaptability are premium skills for individuals and organizations moving forward.”


    Upcoming events and programs part of the initiative include the second parts of the Mental Health and Human Resources webinars, a small business master class and free online business courses offered for the rest of the year. 


    Below is a list of initiative events for the rest of the year. 



    • Master Mind Session 1 | Oct 2nd | 9-12 pm |

    • HR Webinar Session 2 | Oct 7 | 11-12 pm | Zoom

    • Mental Health Webinar Session 2 | Oct 9| 9-11 am | 

    • Diversification in a COVID Marketplace | Oct 15 | 9-11 am | 

    • The State of Education Luncheon | 11:30 -1:00 pm | Oct 16th | Civic Center (9) 

    • Growing Your Business Online Session 2 | Oct 20th | 1-2 pm

    • Master Mind Session 2 | Oct 23rd | 9-12 pm




    • Health & Wellness Expo/Network Nights | Nov 5 | Civic Center | 4:00-7:00 pm 

    • CEO Panel Healthcare | November 20 | Civic | 8:30-10:00 am | UTMB Title Sponsor | (13)

    • HR Webinar Session 3 | Nov 12 | 11-12 pm | 

    • Master Mind Session 3 | Nov 9th | 9-12 pm | 

    • Job Readiness Session 2 | Nov 5 | 9-12 pm | 

    • Mental Health Webinar Session 3 | Nov 13 | 9-11 am | 

    • Growing Your Business Online Session 3 | Nov 19th | 1-2 pm



    • Growing Your Business Online Session 4 | Dec 1 | 1-2 pm

    • Virtual Job Fair | Dec 2nd | 9-2 pm 

    • HR Webinar Session 4 | Dec 3rd  | 11-12 pm | 

    • Master Mind Session 4 | Dec 7th | 9-12 pm

    • Entrepreneurism Sparked by COVID | Dec 8 | 9-11 am | 

    • Mental Health Webinar Session 4 | Dec 11 | 9-11 am | 

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