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  • Family Promise of Clear Creek strives to end homelessness amidst its own displacement

    Family Promise of Clear Creek strives to end homelessness amidst its own displacement

    The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce is the home of many non-profit organizations. Family Promise of Clear Creek has spent more than 30 years as one of the community’s most prominent non-profit organizations with a mission to end homelessness. 

    “Family Promise of Clear Creek is a community-based solution to family homelessness,” said Gayle Nelson, Executive Director of Family Promise. “We promise never to separate families, keeping them in-tact while helping them rebuild their lives. We partner with the faith, school and business community to help empower families to gain lasting stability and independence.”

    Nelson spoke on the benefits to joining one's chamber of commerce and what led to Family Promise joining the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

    “Joining the Chamber has expanded our community reach, but connected us with so many wonderful people willing to help others in their need,” Nelson said. “The people we've met through the Chamber has sent the right employees to us when staffing needs arose. We've gotten more fully-connected with other nonprofits serving our community, making us all stronger. Making our community stronger. We make each other better by collaborating.”

    Nelson and her team at Family Promise work everyday committed to their mission of combating homelessness. Family Promise has continued despite being affected by the devastating Winter Storm Uri. 

    Nelson said how her team came back the first day after the harsh weather to find their building had been flooded. 

    “Pipes in the ceiling burst in four places necessitating our quick remediation...removed baseboards, pulled up all the flooring, removing 2-1/2' of sheetrock and in many cases removed total walls and ceilings,” Nelson said. “We had to seek safe shelter for our three guest families as the host church lost power and water. In addition, we had to find a safe space during the day for those unable to go to work and for their children, since the schools were closed.” 

    Nelson spoke on what it was like helping their families after the damage of their building.

    “We also had to locate daily shower facilities for our guest families and serve three meals each day,” Nelson said. “Webster Presbyterian Church came to our immediate rescue by offering a safe space during the day after their doors had been closed at the beginning of the pandemic.”

    Nelson recounted that Clear Lake Christian Church allowed them to use their shower facilities and many individuals reached out with meals and helped them move everything out of their Day Center into storage. 

    “After they regained power, Bay Area Christian Church allowed us to rent space from them for our daily operations,” Nelson said. “We are extremely grateful to our community for taking the many risks to help us during this time of need.”

    As Family Promise of Clear Creek continues to get past the effects of Winter Storm Uri, Nelson assures that they are dedicated more than ever to their mission.

    “We are here to strengthen our community by serving families desperately wanting to regain their stability and independence,” Nelson said. “We  have a program that offers many ways for you to get involved and make an impact.

    Nelson spoke on ways the League City community can get further involved with Family Promise. 

    “We offer many ways for our community to make an impact,” Nelson said. “It just depends on what you'd like to do.”

    Here are ways one can volunteer with Family Promise. 

    • Volunteering weekly with day-to-day operations, 

    • teaching a class, 

    • mentoring a child or their family, 

    • offering employment opportunities, 

    • hosting a drive for cleaning supplies, toiletries,

    •  preparing a meal, 

    • overnight volunteer at one of our host churches, 

    • supporting our fundraising events like the upcoming Family Promise Giving Day, 


    Those interested in helping Family Promise can also make a monetary donation.

    Have another idea on how you'd like to make an impact on our community? You can call Family Promise at 832-932-3963.”

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