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  • ATHENA Leadership Awards Luncheon of the Bay Area

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    Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders

    "ATHENA-Goddess of Wisdom" - Women's ways of leading have become the gold standard for great leaders and the building blocks for success in today's global economy.  It was five years ago that the Chamber Board and President approached the ATHENA organization in the hope that the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce could be the area leader in this program.  The ATHENA Leadership program serves individuals in up to a 90 mile radius from League City for this honorable program, so no other Chamber or organization can host this event.  ATHENA award programs have participated in more than 500 American cities and six foreign countries.


    The ATHENA Program honors females in leadership roles that make them effective, admirable and successful leaders and they have also contributed to the development and empowerment of women.  These individuals have strong values that emulate the eight principles of ATHENA:


    • Live authentically
    • Learn constantly
    • Advocate fiercely
    • Act courageously
    • Foster collaboration
    • Build relationships
    • Give back
    • Celebrate


    ATHENA leaders are fierce advocates for what they believe and committed to enriching their communities.