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  • 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • Invest In Your Chamber of Commerce By Becoming A Sponsor Invest In Your Chamber of Commerce By Becoming A Sponsor

    When you renew your membership or join the chamber of commerce, the new 2019 membership/sponsorship package will not only describe the membership levels but will include the sponsorships available for the 2019 calendar year. So, the following is an example of how we reward you for rewarding us with your investment.

    Say you join as a basic member, which would be an investment of $325.00. But you would also like to sponsor an Economic Development Luncheon during the year. That now adds up to a total annual investment with us of $1325.00. Because of your total investment, you will now be rewarded with a Bronze level membership and all the added value that comes with attaining that level of membership. As you support us during the year, this will be taken in account and if the total investment brings you up to the next level you rewarded with the added value perks, which accompany that membership level for the remaining annual cycle of membership. This is a way, we can help you earn a return on your investment with us as well as a thank you for your trust and confidence in us as an organization.

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    If any of the opportunities interest you, please contact the Chamber office at (281) 338-7339